Led display



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To achieve effective natural cooling mechanism for an LED display that is suspended in a station or the like. SOLUTION: In this LED display, a plurality of open holes 8 for discharging air in a case 14 to the outside are provided in an upper lid 4, an upper plate 23 is provided at a lower part so that an air passage 6 is formed at a part to the upper lid 4, and at the same time, a plate-shaped shielding member 7 having a plurality of ventilation holes 9 is mounted between the upper plate 23 and upper lid 4. Since the plate-shaped shielding member 7 having the plurality of ventilation holes 9 are provided in the air passage 6, the entering of dust from the outside to the inside of the case 14 is suppressed, and a built-in LED or the like is cooled by discharging cooled air from the lower port, thus prolonging the device life. COPYRIGHT: (C)2001,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 駅構内等に吊り下げ設置されるLED表示装 置の効果的な自然冷却機構を実現する。 【解決手段】 上蓋4に、筐体14内の空気を外部に放 出するための開口孔8を複数個設け、この上蓋4との間 で空気通路6を形成するように、下方に上板23を設け るとともに、上板23と上蓋4との間に複数の通風孔9 を有する板状の遮断部材7を取り付け構成した。空気通 路6に複数の通風孔9を有する板状の遮断部材7を設け たので、外部から筐体14内への塵埃等の侵入が抑制さ れ、下方からの冷却空気の放出によって内蔵されたLE D等は冷却され、寿命の向上を図ることができる。




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