Radio communication device



(57)【要約】 【課題】 1台で、耳を離しての通話、及び電話のよう に耳につけての通話の両方に対応可能であり、かつその 切換えが明示的かつ簡便迅速な無線電話機を提供するこ とを目的とする。 【解決手段】 耳から離して聴くスピーカ101と、耳 につけて聴くスピーカ102との2つのスピーカを有 し、そのどちらから音声を出力するかをフリップ104 にて任意に選択可能とする。本発明によれば、1台で、 耳を離しての通話、及び電話のように耳につけての通話 の両方に対応可能であり、かつその切換えが明示的かつ 簡便迅速な無線電話機が得られる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a radio communication device which can correspond to both of speech communication with ears separated from the device and speech communication with the device attached to one ear as a telephone with one piece of device and where their switching is explicit, also simple and fast. SOLUTION: This device has two loudspeakers. One is a loudspeaker 101 that is listened to while separated from the ears and the other is a loudspeaker 102 that is listened to while attached to one ear, and a flip 104 can optionally select from which voice should be outputted between the two speakers. It is possible to obtain a radio telephone set which can correspond to both of the speech communication with the ears separated and the speech communication with one ear attached with one telephone set and also of which switching between the both cases of speech communication is explicit, also simple and fast. COPYRIGHT: (C)2001,JPO




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