Recording/reproducing device provided with radio receiver and radio broadcast recording/reproducing method



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the reduction of recording capacity of a recording medium caused by recording a noisy audio signal when radio is received on a place weak in electric field intensity. SOLUTION: An IF signal of amplitude according to the electric field intensity is supplied from an IF amplifier circuit 15 to an RF amplitude measuring means 25, and the amplitude of the IF signal is observed for a prescribed time in the RF amplitude measuring means 25. Then, when the average amplitude of the IF signal is smaller than a prescribed value, the audio signal recorded on the recording medium with a recording means 19 before then in erased substantially by rewriting a recording contents control table recorded on the recording medium.
(57)【要約】 【課題】電界強度が弱い場所でラジオを受信しノイズが 多い音響信号を記録することによて生じる、記録媒体の 記録容量の減少を防止する。 【解決手段】IF増幅回路15から電界強度に応じた振 幅のIF信号がRF振幅測定手段25に供給され、RF 振幅測定手段25ではIF信号の振幅が所定時間観測さ れる。そしてIF信号の平均振幅が所定値より小さい場 合には、それ以前に記録手段19で記録媒体に記録され た音響信号が、前記記録媒体に記録された記録内容管理 表を書き換えることにより、実質的に消去される。




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