Ball-point pen



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To mainly provide a ball point pen for correcting errors or the like without the necessity of agitating nor the trouble of pressing the side face of a container or the like. SOLUTION: The ball point pen is provided with a ball-point pen refill having a constitution in which a tip of the ball point pen is provided on its end and an ink storage tube on the rear is provided on the rear and an ink is filled in the ink storage tube and a grease-like follower following the ink when the ink is consumed is provided on the rear end of the ink, and the ball-point pen refill is mounted on a barrel. A presser with its rear end protruded and engaged in the state of moving forward with the barrel through a spring and a cylindrical sealing body to be stretched and contracted is provided on the front of the presser are provided on the rear end of the barrel, and a rear end hole of the ink storage tube is communicated with atmosphere just before the forward movement of the presser, while the rear end hole of the ink storage tube is shut off from the atmosphere on the front end of the sealing body just after the presser is moved forward adequately, and the sealing body is contracted when the presser is moved forward further and air is pushed into the rear end hole of the ball-point pen refill to pressurize the rear end of the follower and assist the flowing properties of the ink to the tip side.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 攪拌する必要が無く、容器の側面を押圧した りする煩わしさの無い誤記等修正用のボールペンを主と して提供可能とする。 【構成】 先端にボールペンのチップと後方にインキ収 容管を備え、インキ収容管にインキが充填されると共に そのインキの後端にインキの消耗と共にインキに追随す るグリース状のフォロアが配設されてなるボールペンリ フィールとそのボールペンリフィールが軸筒に搭載され てなるボールペンに於いて、軸筒の後端に、後端部を突 出してスプリングを介して軸筒に対し前進可能な状態で 係止された押し体とその押し体の前方に伸縮可能な筒状 のシール体が設けられて、押し体の前進作動の直前では インキ収容管の後端孔は外気と連通され、適宜前進した 直後ではシール体の前端でインキ収容管の後端孔が外気 と遮断されると共に、押し体の更なる前進でシール体が 収縮してボールペンリフィールの後端孔に空気が押し込 まれてフォロアの後端が加圧され、インキのチップ側へ の流動性が支援されるように構成されてなる。




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