Variable power optical system with vibration-proofing function



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a variable power optical system with a vibration-proofing function which suppresses an eccentric aberration when a lens group for vibration proofing is made eccentric and excellently corrects an eccentric aberration. SOLUTION: The variable power optical system has a 1st lens group with positive refracting power, a 2nd lens group with negative refracting power, a 3rd lens group with positive refracting power, and a 4th lens group with positive refracting power in order from the object side and varies the power by moving at least the 2nd lens group and 3rd lens group; and the 1st lens group is composed of a positive single lens or one positive lens and one negative lens and the whole lens group is moved at right angles to the optical axis to correct a blur of a photographed image when the variable power optical system vibrates.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 防振用のレンズ群を偏心させたときの偏心収 差発生量を少なく抑え、偏心収差を良好に補正した防振 機能を有した変倍光学系を得ること。 【解決手段】 物体側より順に、正の屈折力の第1レン ズ群、負の屈折力の第2レンズ群、正の屈折力の第3レ ンズ群、そして正の屈折力の第4レンズ群を有し、少な くとも該第2レンズ群と該第3レンズ群を移動させて変 倍を行う、変倍光学系であって、該第1レンズ群を正の 単レンズまたは1枚の正レンズと1枚の負レンズで構成 すると共に、該第3レンズ群全体を光軸と垂直方向に移 動させて該変倍光学系が振動した時の撮影画像のぶれを 補正すること。




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