PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent damage of a precision component parts such as a hard disk and the like during its transportation and facilitate its fixing work. SOLUTION: An HDD is set in a recess 18, a fixed arm 16 is oscillated and displaced to cover the HDD from above and then an engaging hole 38a is engaged with an engaging protuberance 30. In addition, an engaging protuberance 46b at the extremity end side of a lock member 15 is engaged with engaging holes 28a, 28b of connecting plates 26a, 26b. The HDD is held by a shock- absorbing member 20 of a base segment 14 and by a shock absorbing member 40 of a fixed arm 16 and the HDD is not in contact with the base segment 14 and the fixed arm 16. The lock member 15 is not in contact with the HDD, either. If the HDD is transported under this state, both vibration and shock at the time of transportation is absorbed by the shock absorbing members 20, 40. When the lock member 15 is pushed into it to cause the engaging protuberance 46a to be engaged with the engaging hole 28 and the HDD is pushed against the base segment 14, the HDD and the shock absorbing member 20 are more closely contacted to each other. The, the HDD is fixed to a casing and the like as it is.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 ハードディスクのような精密部品類の輸送時 の破損を防止し取付作業を簡単にすること。 【解決手段】 HDDを凹部18に入れ、固定腕16を 揺動変位させてHDDの上側から被せ、係合穴38aを 係合突起30に係合させる。またロック体15の先端側 の係合突起46bを接合板部26a、26bの係合穴2 8a、28bに係合させる。HDDは基体部14の緩衝 体20と固定腕16の緩衝体40によって保持されてお り、基体部14及び固定腕16とは接触していない。ロ ック体15もHDDには接触していない。この状態でH DDを輸送すれば、輸送時の振動や衝撃は緩衝体20、 40によって吸収される。ロック体15を押し込んで係 合突起46aを係合穴28に係合させ、HDDを基体部 14側に押圧すると、HDDと緩衝体20とがより密着 状態となる。このままHDDを筐体等に取付ける。




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