Polymer-bound tripe amino-acid schiff base metal copper complexes catalyst and synthesis method thereof



The invention relates to a macromolecular supported ternary amino acid Schiff base metallic copper complex catalyst formed by coordination of a macromolecular supported amino acid Schiff base metallic complex and micromolecular ligand. By utilization of the catalyst for catalytic oxidation of ethyl benzene and isopropyl benzene under normal pressure and at a temperature of between 105 and 115 DEG C, the conversion rate of the ethyl benzene is 20 percent, the selectivity of an acetophenone product is 100 percent, and no byproducts are generated; and although the conversation rate of the isopropyl benzene is 25 percent, the selectivity of a product, namely 2-phenyl-2-propyl alcohol (PP) is 100 percent. The catalyst has high activity and selectivity, and simultaneously has the following advantages in an oxidation system: firstly, the catalyst can be separated from a reactant and products through filtration; secondly, an oxidant, namely oxygen, does not pollute the environment; and thirdly, the system does not use any additive.




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