Image forming apparatus



The present invention provides an image forming apparatus. The aim is to solve the problem that a portion between a printing carriage and the body can be not fixed to interfere a neighboring component in a flexible cable. The method includes that a support plane (54a) projecting from a lower flange portion (54) is arranged at multiple portions on an opening of the flexible cable (51) of a holding member (52) for holding the flexible cable (51), to support a jut of a reinforced rib higher than other portions of the lower of the flexible cable (51), on the opening portion (55) of the flexible cable (51), an upper flange portion (53) and the jut (56) are formed a restricting portion to restrict the flexible cable (51) in a verticle direction, a space (H) between the upper flange portion (53) and the jut is wider than the width of the flexible cable (51) in width direction, such that the flexible cable (51) is bending in the width direction.




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