Flotation cell without transmission



The invention discloses a flotation cell without transmission, which comprises a cell body and a pulp distributer; wherein, a feeding pipe arranged above the pulp distributer, and at least one venturi pipe is arranged under the pulp distributer; the venturi pipe is connected with a mineralized pipe which is connected with the pulp distributer, the bottom end of which is provided with at least onepiece of steel pipe, and a pulp ejector device is arranged at the bottom end of the steel pipe and is provided with a plurality of nozzles; the steel pipe is installed in the cell body, and a foam collecting groove is installed at the upper part of the cell body; the cell body is connected with a middling ore box by a pipeline; the flotation cell has high separation efficiency and low energy consumption, can meet the requirements of aluminum-silicon separation process of alumyte flotation desiliconization with different fractions, and has wide application scope.




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