Organic electroluminescent device



The invention provides an organic electroluminescent device, which has the main technical characteristic that an inorganic hole electric potential barrier layer adopted between an organic luminous layer and a current carrier transmission layer can remarkably block off excessive current carriers from entering the luminous layer, and an inorganic electronic electric potential compensation layer is adopted between an organic electron transmission layer and a back electrode to speed up the transmission of minor current carriers and control the exciton transition. The organic electroluminescent device has the advantages of achieving the current carrier complex balance in a luminous area and improving the utilization rate of excitons so as to improve the luminous efficiency of a device. Simultaneously, through controlling the thickness of the inorganic electronic electric potential compensation layer, the electric field distribution, the current carrier distribution and the exciton distribution area in the device can be regulated and controlled. Besides, an inorganic material thin layer and an organic material form a good and controllable interface, thereby improving the operational stability and the service life of the device.




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