Implementing method of intelligent agent having semi-active status based on embedded system



The invention provides a realization method for semiactive-state intelligent agents based on embedded systems. The method realizes semiactive-state management and transitional mechanism for agents in the embedded systems, namely to manage a state which is in a dynamic context and is actively positioned between an active state and a pending state, controls the state changes of the agents in a life cycle, reduces the use conflict of shared resources, and coordinates the behavior of every agent, so as to ensure that the systems can normally run for a long time. The method has the advantages that: firstly, the method further meets application characteristics of embedded real-time systems and can guarantee the real-time requirements of application; secondly, the method can eliminate the long wait of agent software because of resource shortage and remarkably improve the overall performance of embedded application systems; and thirdly, the method shields software programming complexity, provides a development framework used by programming personnel, as well as a set of programming interfaces (API), and can reduce the development complexity of agent application and improve development efficiency.




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