Method for removing roily oil from degreasing waste liquor in coating wastewater



The invention discloses a method for removing emulsified oil in degreasing waste liquor of painting wastewater. The degreasing waste liquor enters a degreasing waste liquor tank after being collected, and then is lifted to a reaction tank by a degreasing waste liquor pump; 18 to 22 percent dilute sulfuric acid is added into the reaction tank and is mixed evenly with the degreasing waste liquor; the dosage of the sulphuric acid is controlled through detecting the pH value so that the pH value is between 2 and 3; the degreasing waste liquor modified by the dilute sulfuric acid is discharged into an oil separation bank for standing; and the higher fatty acid soap in the emulsifier is transformed into the water insoluble fatty acid and is separated, and the fatty acid floating on the degreasing waste liquor is scraped into an oil collection barrel by an oil skimming machine. The method has simple devices, little investment, low cost, and obvious effects on emulsified oil removal.




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