Fluorescent lamp starting process controlling circuit and control method therefor



The present invention discloses a starting procedure control circuit of fluorescent lamp and a control method thereof. The circuit comprises a periphery capacitor, switches of S0 and S1 connected with the periphery capacitor, a plurality of switch group of group 0 to group N which are formed through the series connection of two switches. Group 0 comprises switches of S00 and S10,..., and group N comprise switches of S0N and S1N. Two switches in each group respectively control two current sources with same magnitude, and the binding point between the two switches is connected the periphery capacitor. The method comprises high frequency preheating and frequency sweep ignition when only the switch S0 is conducted; and low frequency normal operation when only the switch S0 is switched off. In frequency sweep ignition, switches of S0 and S1 are all switched off, switches of S00 to S0N in group 0 to group N are all conducted, switches of S10 to S1N in group 0 to group N are all switched off, then one or a plurality of switches selected from S10 to S1N are conducted in sequence, and the rest switches are switched off. The invention adopts a digitized method for controlling the processes of high frequency preheating, frequency sweep ignition and low frequency operation required for actuating the fluorescent lamp.




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