Concrete-filling hollow thin-wall component forming die


  • Inventors: QIU ZEYOU
  • Assignees: 邱则有
  • Publication Date: April 29, 2009
  • Publication Number: CN-101417468-A


The invention relates to a forming mold for a concrete filling hollow thin-wall component, comprising mold boards (1), a movable part (2) and a fastener (3). The mold boards (1) are connected by the movable part (2) and can rotate relatively, and the mold boards (1) are fastened by the fastener (3) after closure. The forming mold is characterized in that the mold boards (1) form a basin-shaped mold after closure which is spliced by the mold boards (1), the mold boards (1) are board-shaped components, the mold surfaces at the same side of the split basin-shaped mold consist of at least one mold board (1), the mold boards (1) has working clearance (5) at a closure part (4), and the basin-shaped forming mold is formed by at least five mold boards (1) which are connected and spliced by the movable part (2). The forming mold is suitable for manufacturing various open or closed polyhedral components.




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