Recovery method of waste circuit board value resource



The invention disclose a recovery method of valuable resource of an abandoned circuit board, which comprises the following steps of: (1) vacuum cracking: the abandoned circuit board provided with an electronic component is placed inside a vacuum cracking device for thermal cracking and volatile products after thermal cracking are collected and condensed to be fluid oil; (2) heating vacuum centrifugation: solid-state products after cracking are placed inside a vacuum centrifugation machinery and heated so as to lead soldering tin to be separated from cracking dregs efficiently; and (3) the collection of the cracking dregs obtained from the step (2): noble metal and other valuable metals are collected respectively and substances of copper foil, glass fibers, carbon residue and the like are recovered discretely. The invention carries out treatment in phases according to the structural characteristics of the abandoned circuit board, optimizes the treatment procedures and conditions of the abandoned circuit board and is simple in method, and leads the recovery of the abandoned circuit board to have lower cost, higher efficiency and higher recovery rate of the abandoned resource, thus being more in accordance with the demands of industrialization and applicable to large-scale recovery of the abandoned circuit board.




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