Setting structure of air supplying manifold and cleaning method of filter and filtering membrane module



The invention provides a cleaning method for a setting structure, a filter device, filter film assemblies of an air supply header, which can uniformly supply air to a plurality of filter film assemblies for the uniform cleaning while starting cleaning by blowing bubble, and can save a check valve provided for preventing a stock solution from flowing into the air supply header. The setting structure of an air supply header (6) is used for supplying air to the interior of a stock solution supply branch pipe (3a) that is as lower portion piping of the filter film assemblies (2) when cleaning filter films of the filter film assemblies (2), and is characterized in that an air supply branch pipe (6a), which is communicated with the air supply header (6) and is connected with, by means of a connecting pipe (7), the stock solution supply branch pipe (3a) that is as the lower portion piping of the filter film assemblies (2), hangs downwards from lower portion wall faces of the an air supply header (6).




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