X ray differentiation interference phase contrast imaging system



The invention relates to an X-ray differential interference phase contrast imaging system, which is applicable to the fields such as medicine and nondestructive flaw detection, and the like. According to the transmission direction of X-ray, the system consists of an X-ray tube, a filter, a sample platform, a phase grating and an X-ray detector; the system also comprises a micro-computer and matched system management software. The key point is that (1) the X-ray tube adopted in the system is provided with a plurality of coherent high-energy X-ray emitters which are distributed linearly in parallel and have the emission angle of 30-50 degrees; (2) the adopted X-ray detector has dual functions of an analysis grating and a detector; the system basically consists of a parallel array-typed X-ray conversion screen, a relay optical system and a flat-panel detector or a parallel array-typed photoelectron-conductive X-ray detector; the structure and the dimension of the X-ray conversion screen or the photoelectron-conductive X-ray detector are correspondingly matched with the structure and the dimension of the coherent and high-energy X-ray light sources and the phase grating distributed linearly in parallel in the X-ray tube.




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