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US-6262022-B1: Pharmaceutical compositions containing cyclosporin as the active agent patent, US-6602669-B2: Method of detection by enhancement of silver staining patent, US-6194441-B1: Oxazolidinone derivatives and their use as antibacterial agents patent, US-6379895-B1: Photolithographic and other means for manufacturing arrays patent, US-3722705-A: Marine crane particularly designed for handling cargo containers patent, US-3729421-A: Soap cone and holder patent, US-3734873-A: Rapid dissolving water-soluble polymers patent, US-3748168-A: Fishing line with a cyclic sulfonium zwitterion fluorocarbon coating patent, US-3748282-A: Production of shaped magnesium oxide compositions patent, US-3752791-A: Process for the production of polyamide imides by reacting polycarbonamide with aliphatic diisocyanate and cyclic dicarboxylic acid anhydride patent, US-3759769-A: Method of producing plastic resin lawn like objects by engraved platemolding patent, US-3788986-A: Production of nitrogen-and phosphorus-containing compounds patent, US-3821076-A: Forming roll for twin wire papermaking with axially aligned wave-shaped ribs patent, US-3821776-A: Diffusion self aligned mosfet with pinch off isolation patent, US-3825103-A: High-speed printer having improved ribbon driving,reversing and tensioning mechanism patent, US-3839545-A: Exhaust gas purification catalyst and method therefor patent, US-3845158-A: Alkylation process with fluorination step utilizing recycled hf catalyst patent, US-460472-A: Envelope book patent, US-5731501-A: Inbred maize line CG4NU15 patent, US-579560-A: Justin caillet patent, US-4252705-A: Resistance of polyvinyl chloride resins to discoloration during drying with N,N'-diphenyl urea patent, US-4684693-A: Thermosettable polymer or prepolymer prepared from heterocyclic materials containing a nitrogen atom and carboxylic acid mono- or dianhydride with N,N'-bis-imide patent, US-4985760-A: Color imager having varying filter aperture sizes to compensate for luminance differences between colors patent, US-5430979-A: Structure clad with tensioned cladding membrane patent, US-3887691-A: Chemical process patent, US-4084978-A: Glass for eye glass lens patent, US-4471526-A: Installation tool patent, US-4576987-A: Aqueous water-repellent coatings patent, US-4737580-A: Platelet related growth regulator patent, US-4842858-A: Polymeric halophors patent, US-4927833-A: Substituted azoles and their use as fungicides patent, US-5073322-A: Processing of ethylene terephthalate/hexahydroterephthalate copolymer filaments patent, US-5992782-A: Tape drive coupling apparatus patent, US-6268234-B1: Solid state imaging device patent, US-3884660-A: Gas-liquid separator patent, US-3921711-A: Turbulator patent, US-4027081-A: Polymeric compositions containing hydrogen bonding compound patent, US-4029607-A: Drain cleaning compositions patent, US-4032502-A: Organosiloxane compositions for liquid injection patent, US-4076655-A: Photodegradable atactic polystyrene compositions patent, US-4225549-A: Method to increase the heat deflection temperature of amorphous polyethylene terephthalate patent, US-7052858-B2: Diagnostic assays for detection of Cryptosporidium parvum patent, US-4260696-A: Process for the production of polyurethane silicate foams and resinous products utilizing aldehyde-broken down alkali metal cellulose silicate polymer patent, US-4293445-A: Method for production of molded product containing titanium oxide patent, US-4429327-A: Compatible television system with increased vertical resolution patent, US-4521354-A: Method and mold for fabricating an aerodynamic airframe structure patent, US-4637971-A: Photoreceptor having polycarbonate layers and process for the preparation thereof patent, US-4745339-A: Lamp failure detecting device for automobile patent, US-4865656-A: Process for surface passivation of an indium phosphide substrate and product obtained patent, US-4912211-A: Method for producing pure crystalline antibiotic products patent, US-4970709-A: Watch hand adjustment gear patent, US-5312910-A: Glyphosate-tolerant 5-enolpyruvyl-3-phosphoshikimate synthase patent, US-6520654-B2: Thin panel lit cluster patent, US-6630147-B1: Pseudomycin natural products patent, US-3759981-A: Esters of perfluoroalkyl terminated alkylene thioalkanoic acids patent, US-3973552-A: Method of storing and releasing thermal energy patent, US-3982710-A: Photoelectrophoretic web tension system patent, US-3990570-A: Apparatus for supporting the edges of a window patent, US-4016024-A: Machine to arrange a noise insulation between two concrete elements patent, US-4147605-A: Method of producing sols by electrodialysis patent, US-4319418-A: Collapsible ornamental solids patent, US-4492106-A: Manually actuated hydraulic jack for compressively applying terminals on electric cables and conductors in general patent, US-4612006-A: Die cutting apparatus patent, US-4626048-A: Computer printer housing patent, US-5312935-A: Purification of fluorinated carboxylic acids patent, US-5509986-A: Process for preparing an ignition resistant carbonaceous material comprising a melt blowing or spunbonding step, a radiation step and a carbonizing step patent, US-6177395-B1: Carpet cleaning compositions and method for cleaning carpets patent, US-6333217-B1: Method of forming MOSFET with channel, extension and pocket implants patent, US-6585576-B2: Rollers′ position moving device for a sand belt machine patent, US-3778595-A: Automatic teller system patent, US-3860055-A: Shutter device patent, US-3991242-A: Panel end structure patent, US-3998909-A: Molding compounds patent, US-4292939-A: Fail safe devices for use with devices for limiting the speed of revolution of an internal combustion engine patent, US-4369195-A: Extrusion texturization of full-fat soybean and product thereof patent, US-4372260-A: Engine fluid heater patent, US-4588544-A: Method and apparatus for forming concrete articles containing one or more projecting elements patent, US-4699039-A: Automatic musical accompaniment playing system patent, US-4805380-A: Method of and an apparatus for preforming operations in relation to a container sleeve patent, US-5362324-A: Zero slump - loss superplasticizer patent, US-5875431-A: Legal strategic analysis planning and evaluation control system and method patent, US-5985786-A: Packed silver-catalyst bed doped with phosphorus patent, US-6136336-A: JM216 formulations patent, US-6547932-B1: Doctor equipment in connection with a roll/cylinder in a paper/board machine patent, US-3981354-A: Built-up tube and tubesheet assembly for multi-conduit heat exchangers patent, US-4076626-A: High strength cast modules for supporting reverse osmosis membranes patent, US-4105861-A: Hermetically sealed container for semiconductor and other electronic devices patent, US-4203134-A: FM Signal demodulator with defect detection patent, US-4229487-A: Method and apparatus to make cookies patent, US-4308082-A: Method of forming a tubular article patent, US-4415492-A: Lysine polymers which may be used as supports for the preparation of products of diagnosis and products obtained patent, US-4451863-A: Information reproducing apparatus based on opto-magnetic effect patent, US-4468427-A: Blends of polyamide and ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers patent, US-4486163-A: Nozzle for extruding a laminated food product patent, US-4604168-A: Pretreatment for electroplating mineral-filled nylon patent, US-4654488-A: Push and rocker action switch patent, US-4784700-A: Point focus solar concentrator using reflector strips of various geometries to form primary and secondary reflectors patent, US-4818300-A: Method for making lithoplate patent, US-4857168-A: Method for hydrocracking heavy fraction oil patent, US-4888441-A: Preparation of linear, low-molecular-weight polyester-based polyols patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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