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JP-2001111165-A: 半導体発光装置,光ヘッド装置及び光ディスク装置 patent, JP-2001112081-A: Headphone patent, JP-2001112493-A: 微生物によるカルボニル化合物の製法 patent, JP-2001112771-A: 止血装置 patent, JP-2001113553-A: 発泡成形金型 patent, JP-2001114344-A: Protector patent, JP-2001115019-A: ポリイミド前駆体水系溶媒溶液および液晶配向膜 patent, JP-2001115346-A: Fluff-control device patent, JP-2001115624-A: 外壁改修構造 patent, JP-2001116142-A: トランスミッションの変速装置 patent, JP-2001116390-A: アンモニア吸収冷凍機 patent, JP-2001116632-A: 赤外線応力分布画像システム patent, JP-2001117000-A: Variable power optical system with vibration-proofing function patent, JP-2001117449-A: Image forming device patent, JP-2001118626-A: Connector housing and its manufacturing mehtod patent, JP-2001118734-A: 複合積層フィルタ patent, JP-2001119455-A: Structure of enclosure for portable terminal patent, JP-2001119481-A: Off-talk communication service system patent, JP-2001119601-A: Parabolic signal generator patent, JP-2001121886-A: Ball-point pen patent, JP-2001122154-A: Differential thickness blank material patent, JP-2001122659-A: Composition for zirconia green sheet and zirconia green sheet patent, JP-2001122733-A: カタラーゼ産生促進剤、及びこれを含有する皮膚外用剤 patent, JP-2001122969-A: ポリ(有機ジオキシシリレン)類とその製造方法 patent, JP-2001123353-A: 圧電素子を使用した織機 patent, JP-2001123483-A: Assembling error discriminating device patent, JP-2001124625-A: 照度分布測定方法及び照度分布測定装置 patent, JP-2001124648-A: 圧力測定装置 patent, JP-2001124976-A: 光学機器 patent, JP-2001125007-A: Ocular optical system and binoculars patent, JP-2001125193-A: 投射装置 patent, JP-2001125814-A: コンピュータ装置及び記録媒体 patent, JP-2001125955-A: 出店計画支援システム patent, JP-2001125994-A: Medical report system patent, JP-2001127750-A: Terminal, center device, and system for cipher communication, and recording medium patent, JP-2001127857-A: 携帯電話装置 patent, JP-2001129279-A: Automatic original width measuring method for sewing curtain frill, original width data acquiring method and device structure of automatically measuring original width patent, JP-2001129732-A: 部品収納ケース patent, JP-2001129868-A: Method and apparatus for manufacturing thermoplastic resin extrusion molding patent, JP-2001130502-A: 薬剤分包装置 patent, JP-2001130989-A: 腐敗性廃棄物を、籾殻、大鋸屑等と混合攪拌装置と排出用スクリューコンベアーを取り付けることによる、消臭及び発酵促進させ堆肥及び肥料化する、技術を有する装置並びに製造方法、及びシステム patent, JP-2001131690-A: 溶接部の成形性に優れた高強度薄鋼板 patent, JP-2001131729-A: SELF-BONDING MCrAlY POWDER patent, JP-2001132525-A: アイドリングストップ信号表示装置 patent, JP-2001132691-A: 送風機用羽根車の製造方法 patent, US-2515566-A: Holder for slender rods, including an elastic web having a rod-receiving aperture therein patent, JP-2001132861-A: Micro valve patent, JP-2001132902-A: Multi-boiler installation system of boilers with number- of-boilers controller patent, JP-2001135016-A: Recording/reproducing device provided with radio receiver and radio broadcast recording/reproducing method patent, JP-2001135747-A: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, JP-2001135845-A: 制御装置及び太陽光採光システム patent, JP-2001136270-A: Radio communication device patent, JP-2001137133-A: Coffee extractor patent, JP-2001137157-A: Counter patent, JP-2001137722-A: Automatic rice washing apparatus patent, JP-2001138070-A: 摩擦肉盛補修方法 patent, JP-2001139110-A: Part takeout detection system patent, JP-2001141033-A: ウォームホイール及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2001141418-A: Device and method for measuring theree-dimensional position and recording medium recording three- dimensional position measuring program patent, JP-2001142011-A: 液体中における気泡形成に最適な圧力判定方法 patent, JP-2001142059-A: 画像表示装置 patent, JP-2001142557-A: Security system for personal computer and its method patent, JP-2001142582-A: Personal computer, intra-vehicle information processing system and method for cooling on-vehicle personal computer patent, JP-2001142976-A: 電子店舗システム patent, JP-2001144509-A: High frequency package patent, JP-2001145033-A: 放送受信装置及び視聴制限システム並びに記録媒体 patent, JP-2001145738-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2001146527-A: ポリカーボネート樹脂フィルム patent, JP-2001148513-A: Led display patent, JP-2001148574-A: 電話機 patent, JP-2001149783-A: 炭化水素燃料改質用の触媒体 patent, JP-2001150568-A: タイヤスピューのトリミング方法及びその装置 patent, JP-2001150675-A: Ink-jet recording apparatus patent, JP-2001151340-A: Sorter patent, JP-2001151695-A: Medicine for treating allergic disease patent, JP-2001151890-A: カルボニルアミノ基含有加水分解性オルガノポリシロキサンおよびその製造方法 patent, JP-2001152887-A: Valve-timing control device of internal combustion engine patent, JP-2001153104-A: Hydraulic circuit and slope face working vehicle using the circuit patent, JP-2001154156-A: メガネフレーム patent, JP-2001154793-A: ペン入力装置 patent, JP-2001154803-A: Touch input type information processor patent, JP-2001155348-A: Optical disk patent, JP-2001155584-A: Push button device for vending machine patent, JP-2001155837-A: プラグキャップ装置 patent, JP-2001156723-A: Radio communication terminal and radio communication method patent, JP-2001157331-A: Method for expanding unit of gas-insulated switchgear and expansion unit patent, JP-2001157700-A: Air massaging tool patent, JP-2001158082-A: Controlling device for printing, printing system, printing method, and recording medium patent, JP-2001158960-A: Method and equipment for sputtering patent, JP-2001159297-A: Shield machine patent, JP-2001159909-A: エネルギー管理システム patent, JP-2001160775-A: Radio communication system with broadcast function patent, JP-2001161224-A: Fishing rod patent, JP-2001161707-A: Ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus patent, JP-2001161910-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2001162951-A: Multicolor heat sensitive recording body patent, JP-2001163237-A: Power steering device in work vehicle patent, JP-2001164393-A: 金属電解用種板矯正ロール patent, JP-2001164438-A: 経糸張力測定装置 patent, JP-2001164511-A: ケーブル制振装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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